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280 West Beaver Creek Rd, Unit 26, Richmond Hill, L4B 3Z1
新张开业 3月8日开张,新张8.5折
Body 全身 45mins
90mins $45
Foot 足疗 Cupping / Scrapping 15mins 45mins
Combo 套餐优惠 Foot 45mins + Body 15mins $58
Foot 45mins + Body 30mins $69
Foot 45mins + Body 45mins $83
Foot 45mins + Body 60mins $96
Foot 45mins + Body 90mins $118 Foot Steaming 足蒸 Facial 脸部护理 20mins $15 Deluxe Moisturizing Treatment
深层清洁补水护理 Eye Refresh Treatment
热玉石经脉眼部瑜伽 $45 $28
Package VIP套票 $400
Foot / Body
Foot / Body
Foot / Body
Special 特推超值套餐 Foot 60mins + Body 60mins $98
Zen Health Center strives for a better quality of life for you Zen Health Center helps to maintain your physical health and alleviate your ailments. In order to ensure that you stay healthy, young and full of life, we recommend regular visits! Keeping you healthy, young and energetic is our concern and, moreover, paramount to our mission!
We have experience with, and knowledge of, wellness and health which is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This promotes physical and mental relaxation and alleviates tension, aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, legs, feet and back. Zen Health Center even has the expertise to prevent future illness/ailments. Furthermore, we offer you all this with true service and our hopsitality speaks for itself!
Welcome to Zen Health Center Zen Health Center is a center for traditional Chinese health and relaxation treatments. At Zen Health Center your mind, body and spirit can find peace by means of our prized foot reflexology and full body massage based on the traditional Tui Na technique from ancient China. You will find yourself in the hands of one of our dedicated masseurs/masseuses who have many years of experience and are qualified to practise TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It is hard to put this experience into words; that is why we welcomingly invite you to come and experience it for yourself. You can turn up at Zen Health Center with or without an appointment.

Add.  280 West Beaver Creek Rd., Unit 26, Richmond Hill, L4B 3Z1            Tel.  905.771.0101            Web.            Wechat ID.  zen_spa            Email.